Friday, June 4, 2010

Baby Borland Update - Almost 38 Weeks

May 28th, almost 37 weeks

A Ticking Time Bomb. That's what the doctor called me at my appointment Tuesday. Nice, huh??

But really, that's exactly what I feel like. Saturday night, Jeff and I made another trip to labor and delivery due to some very sharp pain in my lower left side. Once we got there, though, the pain seemed to be the least of our worries! Being hooked up to the monitors revealed that Jacob was doing fine, but that my contractions were very consistent. An exam also revealed that I was dilated to 3 cm and 80% effaced. This seemed like a pretty big deal to me since the Monday before I was barely 1 cm and only 50%! When the nurse told me I might be in labor, I immediately started crying. I just wasn't ready!! Jeff, on the other hand, was amazing and supportive through the whole night. I think he's just ready for Jacob to get here!

Tuesday afternoon, my doctor's appointment revealed no more progress. This is where I received my "ticking time bomb" diagnosis. Then, Thursday rolled around and I was convinced I was in labor. I had solid contractions every five minutes or so for almost two hours. I called Jeff and had him come home from work a little early so we could go to Labor & Delivery. An exam showed that I was dilated to a little passed three, which means I had progressed a little, but not very much. After the exam, my contractions became more painful and were coming every three minutes. This lasted for about another hour and a half, then... NOTHING. Out of nowhere, the contractions just slowed down, became less painful, and then STOPPED. Completely stopped. The doctor gave me a sleeping pill (which I DON'T recommend) and sent me home for the night to rest. So... here we are.

So now I am hoping he will either come today, or wait until next Tuesday or Wednesday. The reason being that Jeff has a colonoscopy on Monday. I realize this could be rescheduled if needed, but we just don't want him to be in the middle of his prep on Sunday and then have me go into labor. So pray for Jeff as he prepares for his test, and pray for all of us as we prepare for Jacob's arrival.

Just for fun I've included pictures of some of the fun things we purchased last weekend - our stroller/car seat combo and our pack'n'play : )