Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Teacher Has Become the Student... Wait, That

So as of today, I am a grad student. Am I crazy?? Can I juggle my already crazy life AND a grad school class at the same time?? Well, we are about to find out...

I am doing an online program, the Reading/Writing Specialist MA.Ed., through the University of the Cumberlands. Some of my friends are doing this same program, which always helps!

I am not completely crazy, though... UC offers most of the classes in bi-terms. I am only taking one class January - March because I also have to plan a District Governor's Cup competition for my academic team the last Saturday in February. From March to May, I am registered for two classes. This means, by the end of May, I should be 9 hours in to a 30 hour program!

Jan - March: 1.) The Modern Elementary School
March - May: 2.) Curriculum Management & Assessment
3.) Reading & Writing Foundations

I will keep you posted on how it goes. Wish me luck!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Last week ended up being a pretty crazy week! We spent a lot of time with family and ate with Jeff's parents a few nights. So this week we are going to have some of the meals that I had planned for last week!


  1. chicken tetrazini
  2. lasagna
  3. burgers
  4. hot dogs and french fries
  5. chicken tenders

Lunches: (back to work now, so no more big lunches!)

  1. sandwiches and chips
  2. salad
  3. chicken tenders

And for Jacob... we will continue with squash and by the end of the week should be able to start with some green veggies!