Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jacob - 4 Month Check Up

This morning I took Jacob in to get his fourth month shots and check-up. Here are his stats:

2 mos: 13 lbs 8 1/2 oz
4 mos: 16 lbs 10 oz
2 mos: 23 1/2 in
4 mos: 27 1/2 in
2 mos: 39.8 cm
4 mos: 43 com

Can you believe how much our baby boy has grown?? He is in the 85th percentile for his weight, and is off the charts for his height! That's right, well over 100! He's grown almost 1/2 inch a week since his last visit! Other than that, our not-so-little man got a clean bill of health. The shots were no fun, of course, but he got over them quickly. Last time they just made him really sleepy for a couple of days. We're praying for more of the same this time around.

Sleeping off those pesky shots.

Jacob is smiling all over the place and is laughing more and more. He wants to sit up all the time, but cannot do it on his own yet. It's not from lack of trying though. If you hold him too flat in your lap or lay him on the couch, he strains and strains trying to pull his neck up. He's also very close to rolling over from back to front. He can do it if he is on his mat and has just that slight elevation from the mat to the carpet, but he can't do it otherwise. Rolling from front to back, he doesn't seem very interested in at all. He reaches for things and grabs them and won't let go. Seriously. The other day he grabbed a hold of his octopus and held on all the way from Grandma's, through Target, through WalMart, and home. He didn't let go until I pried it from his fingers to get him out of the carseat!
He is at such a cute, fun age! It's like he learns something new every few days. I can't wait to see what he learns to do next!

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