Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Changes

Yes, that is right. My baby is now a full fledged toddler.

This summer has held many milestones for my little man.

He learned how to sign "more." And literally the next day or two picked up "all done" and "milk."

He turned one.

He is walking. Not just taking steps or toddling from one place to another anymore. Actual walking. Sometimes bordering on running.

Teeth #7 and #8 have broken through.

He has not had milk out of a bottle since Tuesday night. That is two and a half days ago! We were having trouble with this one, but the "cold turkey" method seems to have worked. The first day and a half were pretty rough, but he no longer cries when he is asking for milk and sees you bring out his big boy cup. He now reaches for it and just starts to drink.

We are still a little rough when it comes to solid foods, but he is making progress. As long as I mash it with a fork a little first, he will eat mixed veggies. And last night at VBS he actually ate sloppy joe! This is a big deal because meat has REALLY been a struggle for us!

He had his second haircut.

He is learning to mimic things more and more! He likes to try to put his shoes on (or Mom and Dad's), brush his hair, and put the phone up to his ear. He sings and dances all the time : ) 

Asking for more Sloppy Joe at VBS : )

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