Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Borland Update - 35 Weeks

I realized that I have been updating on things like showers and the progress of the nursery, but have neglected to update on our actual pregnancy.

I am now 35 weeks. Jacob (fingers crossed) should be here within the next five weeks. He is due one month from tomorrow! I can hardly believe it. Yes, it has been challenging, but in so many ways it seems like just last week that I found out God had blessed us with a baby. And now, here we are!
The past three weeks have provided two Friday night trips to the hospital. The first turned out to be bladder stones (I will spare you the details, and trust me, you'll be thankful), the second turned out to be nothing but a very swollen foot. Last Friday I came home from school and propped my feet up in the recliner. This is what I saw:

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. I had a very fat left foot. My other foot was slightly swollen, but nothing worse than usual and my hands were not swollen at all. I propped it up for about an hour, but the swelling did not seem to be going down at all. I finally broke down and called the on call number. Luckily, my doctor was the one on call. She said that it was probably nothing, but wanted me to go in and have an ultrasound done on my leg just to make sure that it was not a blood clot. Thankfully, it was not. I went home that night and propped it up for hours, but nothing made the swelling go down. (Thankfully I have the greatest husband who made me stay down. Praise the Lord I have not had to do bed-rest! I don't think I would take well to it!) When I woke up Saturday morning, most of the swelling was gone and luckily, it has not yet returned. Dr. L said that I could favor that foot more when I am standing, or that an old injury could just make that foot more susceptible to swelling. Who knows?

Speaking of swollen feet - I am so fortunate to be blessed with the world's most amazing guidance counselor, who, after hearing about my swollen foot on facebook, arranged to have someone in my room with me to help circulate during testing. This week my body has not been nearly as tired at the end of the day and the day-to-day swelling I usually have has been drastically reduced. Thank you LeeAnn!

I am now going to the doctor weekly from here on out. As of Monday, I had not yet dilated or effaced. This is good news as 1.) I would really, really like to make it through the school year! and 2.) I want his little lungs and everything else to be in the best shape possible. After June 1st, Jacob can come anytime he is good and ready!!

Please continue to pray for every member of our family : )

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