Saturday, May 15, 2010

Georgetown Shower

Well, we were an hour late and I'm surprise we didn't need an ark to get there, but Paula and I finally made it to Georgetown on Sunday, May 2nd for my second baby shower. Thankfully, this one was mainly family and church friends who might as well be family, so they didn't mind waiting on me so much. My mom did an awesome job with the food (barbeque and such!) so at least everyone had something to eat while they waited. It also helped that Timothy and Katie got to come and brought my beautiful new nephew, Isaac, who, as you can imagine, kept everyone occupied. : ) 

It was so great to spend time with so many friends and family that I do not get to see nearly as often as I would like. And Jacob certainly got some nice presents! We especially appreciate all of the diapers and wipes!

Pictures to follow when I get them from my sister... 

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