Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Dog's Life - The Autobiography of a Stray

Being the dog person that I am, I was instantly interested when I saw this book in a scholastic catalogue. And when I noticed that it was written by Ann M. Martin, I knew it was definitely on my wish-list. (Yes, I grew up in the era of The Babysitters Club series. I was the proud owner of #'s 1-100. Yes, seriously.)
I really enjoyed this book. Many parts made me cry and a few made me laugh. It made me want to go home and love on my dogs. It also made me want to adopt every stray dog on the planet : ) I would definitely recommend this book for all students intermediate and above. It will expose the student to death and grief in a serious way, but not in a way that is too heavy for their level of maturity. It is unique and well written so that adults could really enjoy it as well. has a great site with more resources related to this book, including a really great message from Martin about writing. Find it here.

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