Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blubber by Judy Blume

  • Good Book
  • Everyone can relate to one of the characters - bully, bullied, bystander...
  • Some of the bullying seemed a little extreme to me. I guess it happens though.
  • Teachers are portrayed as lazy and uncaring. Never know what is happening. Disinterested. Sadly though, I guess some teachers are like this. 
  • Some language that is not suitable for younger or immature students. 


  1. I love Judy Blume!!! She was my favorite author when I was in elementary school. Once when I wanted to check out "Iggies House" from our library in third grade I had to get my mom to call the school and have a meeting with my teacher and principal to say I could handle the content... weird. But I love all of her books.

    Maybe I should have been a reading teacher in elementary school- I love all the books you get to read!

  2. i am a huge fan of the fudge books. (and so are my fourth graders!)

    i can totally see you in that role. you would be great at it! but you don't have to be an elementary school teacher to get to read these books. do it anyway! i fell in love all over again with books for younger readers during a children's lit class in college and haven't looked back since! i even read books that are not even appropriate for my age kids, just cuz i love them!