Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Going Bananas

Confession time...

I love bananas. But I especially love bananas when they are at that perfect stage where they are not mushy, but they are not too hard either. You know, right before they start to get a little too ripe. And bananas are really good for you too. A great source of vitamin C and dietary fiber, not to mention good calories for energy and loads of potassium. The potassium is especially good for mommas-to-be since muscle cramps, especially those awful charlie horses, can be a real problem! 

Anyway, here is what drives me bananas. I am really working hard on only grocery shopping once a week. If you want to eat a banana everyday, this is next to impossible! Monday I went to the store and only bought three bananas because I knew they wouldn't last more than three days. I even bought three that looked a little greenish. Tuesday's banana was okay, but not great. Today's, Wednesday's, is already looking spotted and feeling too mushy. I don't even want to think about Thursday's. I may just eat it tonight to keep from having to suffer through a bad banana. 

So what I  want to know is, has anyone discovered a way to keep bananas fresh? Do any of those baggy thingys really work? Any tips at all?? I know this is a silly post, but I'm desperate over here! 


  1. i hope someone helps you, i despise banannas so i am no help at all!!

  2. Hmm... maybe you should just buy two that are very green that you could eat later in the week and two that are more ripe to eat earlier in the week. I love bananas too, and I've found that buying a variety helps.(if possible, sometimes the groceries have all ripe or all green). Miss you! Let's hang out soon!

  3. We use those bags and they help a little bit, may you would get one more day with them.

  4. Nat I am trying your idea! Last night I bought a few different bananas in varying shades of yellow-very green. we'll see how it goes! and we should definitely hang soon!