Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BG "Misfit" Shower

This weekend we had our first baby shower, given by my good friends Jenny and Tiffany, along with Paula, Jeff's mom. Tiffany playfully coined this my "misfit" shower since it was for the people in Bowling Green who love me, but do not fit into any other "shower group." The shower was awesome and so much fun! I wish I had taken some more pictures of the food since it was A-mazing and the cake since it was too cute! (Jenny - pretty sure when Jacob gets here and I start to have (more) mental breakdowns, I'm gonna want some of that Chocolate Chip Cheeseball to help get me through!) Anyway, it was great to get together with people who love and care for me and my growing family. Check out some pics...

Lots of fun books from Amanda!

Hysterical onesie from Brooke. Auntie Brooke and Auntie Andrea have a war going on as to who will be Jacob's favorite. The back says "Sorry Auntie Andrea."

With Aunt Heather : )

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