Friday, April 2, 2010

Fab Five Friday

My friend Jenny started posting her Fab Five each week because her friend, Emily, started it up on her blog. Then, our friend Sabrina joined in on the fun. So now yours truly cannot take it anymore - I'm jumping on the bandwagon!

The point is to highlight the five tangible things that made your week/life fabulous. For some reason though, I have had a lot of trouble thinking of any this week. I am just kinda in survival mode just trying to make it to Spring Break, ya know? So anyway, this week I am going to list the five websites I visit most often, because let's face it, they make my life a lot easier and Fabulous too!

  1. Facebook - Let's face facts here - I'm pretty much a cyber-stalker. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Sometimes I feel like it allows me to be way too lazy in my relationships. No need to call and check on so-and-so, just check her status updates! Plus, this week I have run into some problems with cyber-bullying and the kids in my class. Yes, that's right - ten year olds who are not even supposed to be on social networking sites anyway! But then I remember that I love Facebook because it does allow me to stay so connected to my friends who live all over the place, not just the local ones. 
  2. GoogleReader - Another site that allows me to cyber-stalk! Plus, I do read a lot of blogs for strictly informational purposes too.
  3. My School Email - Seriously, how did teachers survive without it??
  4. FoxNews - Just my way of feeling like an informed citizen. 
  5. Online Banking - So much easier than trying to remember to write down every single cent spent!

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