Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How Was I Supposed to Know??

WARNING - This post may prove to be TMI!

I know I posted yesterday that my doctor's appointment was pretty uneventful, however, that turned out to be untrue. I did mention something to my doctor that I did not mention to the entire blog world...

During my frequent trips to the bathroom, I've noticed some pretty weird color changes lately. I mean, I drink sooo much water that when I go, it's usually clear and copious (I know you've been dying to know that, right??). So when it is not, I notice. So even though I thought it was silly and that my doctor would just laugh and tell me to drink more water, I decided to mention it. He did tell me to drink more water, but luckily he decided to be cautious and order some tests just in case. 

It is such a good thing that I did not let my feelings of stupidity stand in the way because, lo and behold, I had a urinary tract infection! I have no idea how you can have one without suffering from immense pain, but apparently you can. And actually, I HAD been experiencing some lower stomach and back pain, but I just chalked it up to being pregnant. I mean, how am I supposed to know what is normal for me now and what is not??? 

But the good news is that now that I have had a few doses of antibiotic (which my doc assures me is safe), I can already tell a huge difference!! I am not having near as much pain in my back and don't feel as much pressure in my lower stomach. I also don't feel like I have to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes (no exaggeration - every 10 minutes!). 

So the moral of the story?? Even though I may not really know exactly what is normal and what is not normal for a woman who is 31 weeks pregnant, it is more than okay to trust my instincts when something changes and it is definitely worth mentioning to the doctor, even if it may seem silly at first! 

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  1. my soph year of college i was on the dance team. the same thing happened to me- no, i wasnt pregnant but I totally had a UTI and didnt know it! i had no irritation there either, but i had been having back pains. but we worked our butts off so that seemed pretty normal. until i tore a major muscle in my back bc of the UTI! If you let them go untreated too long they start messing up organs and muscles... i am totally with you- how was i supposed to know what was normal??