Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby Borland Update - 28 Weeks

At 28 weeks I feel like I am really at the peak of pregnancy. I feel pretty good right now. I feel like a lot of the hard parts are behind me, or ahead of me. Some days I feel awesome, almost like I'm not even pregnant and nothing has changed (almost). Then I have days where I feel very, well pregnant. You know, my back aches, my skin is stretched, I can barely move, and I am Exhausted with a capital E. And as little Jacob continues to grow and grow, I have a feeling I may start having a lot more of the pregnant days than the awesome days. So my plan is to enjoy them while they last.

I went to the doctor yesterday and received an okay bill of health. They still didn't have my glucose/iron results back from four weeks ago which kinda frustrated me, but what can you do? My blood pressure was not high, but a little high for what I usually run. My doctor also reminded me to lay off the salt, which is a big challenge for me. Not only do I like to salt my food to give it more taste, but I have also had a lot of cravings for things like pickles and Doritos. : / Oh well, everything in moderation, right?? 

Of course we got to hear little Jacob's heartbeat again and it was just as cool as ever. Even though I can feel him move more and more everyday, there is just something so real about that heartbeat. And once again, he was moving around so much she had to chase him down to find it! By my next appointment though, he will probably be starting to run out of room. Speaking of next time, my next appointment is 3 weeks away instead of the usual 4. Yet another sign that we are getting closer to meeting our baby boy. I will have appointments at week 31, 33, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40...

People keep asking me if I am ready. Ha - of course not. But I am hoping that I will feel a little bit more ready after Spring Break. My plan is to get a lot of work done and get the nursery closer to being ready.

Please continue to pray for each and every Borland...


  1. Yay for you having a baby. What is taking so long with the labs? Usually they can run the most complex labs in a week (i do labs all.the.time!)?? Slow pokes!

    ps. I have recently discovered that Doritos are absolutely one of my fav foods... random. In ww they call them trigger foods- ones that you just cant stop eating.

    Are you guys going to try natural birth and the Bradley classes or Lamaze or just whatever?

  2. and by "just whatever" i mean is there some other method or name that I, having never been pregnant, dont know. I am not trying to imply you guys are just throwing the process up in the air and seeing what happens. ha!

  3. I was wondering when your next appointment was...AWESOME! So happy for you...STILL! :-)

    Let's hang preggo lady. miss ya!

  4. the lab was finished, but somehow lost. so annoying. anyway, they found it and everything is good!

    and this may sound really lame, but my birth plan is an epidural. i wish i were woman enough to try natural birth, but that's just not me. we are going to take some classes at the hospital, though. i am hoping to maybe get in a little lamaze just in case, but hopefully i won't need it!

  5. to each her own girl- do what works for you.