Friday, March 12, 2010

Fab Five Friday

My friend Jenny started posting her Fab Five each week because her friend, Emily, started it up on her blog. Then, our friend Sabrina joined in on the fun. So now yours truly cannot take it anymore - I'm jumping on the bandwagon!

The point is to highlight the five tangible things that made your week/life fabulous. Here are my Fab Five for this week:

1.) Tervis Tumblers

Apparently, these make great teacher gifts. I have received several of these in the past year and I love every one of them! (Just about every teacher in our building has at least one. Some have many more!) They are great because they do not sweat at all. This means you can sit them on top of anything on your cluttered desk and not worry about getting water rings on anyone's paper. They also come in different shapes and sizes, as well as with different style lids/straws. There are tons of patches to choose from and they can be personalized with a name of monogram. I have one just like the UK one below that has my name in pretty blue letters on the other side. Plus, it's a great way to make sure this momma is drinking all the water she needs to be drinking each day!

2.) Samoas
There really isn't any "thing" in this world that I love more than these things. Where I am from they were called Caramel Delights. That pretty much sums them up, in my opinion : )

3.) My Mixer
Kind of a weird thing to make your week fabulous, I know, but it's true. Lately I have discovered smoothies. I don't really have any recipes - I just kinda throw in whatever. I use ice, frozen or fresh fruit, juice, and fat free vanilla yogurt. It's such a good way for me to get in servings of fruit and even calcium and potassium from the yogurt. Let me know if anyone has any good smoothie suggestions!

4.) Tummy Butter
This one may be a little bit of TMI for some of you.
I made it 24 weeks without a single stretch mark. I put Cocoa Butter lotion on every morning and every night and was feeling pretty good about myself. Until the middle of my 25th week. A tiny, curved, reddishpurplish line appeared out of nowhere. And it was only on one side of my abdomen. How I can get them on one side and not the other is beyond me. But since that one little booger popped up, a few more have decided to cluster around him. At least these seem to be smaller and lighter-colored. But needless to say, I felt I needed to take a step up from the regular Cocoa Butter lotion. So I purchased this Tummy Butter to use on the spots that seem prone to the most stretching. The rest of my abdomen still just gets Cocoa Butter for the time being. And let me tell you something about this Tummy Butter. When they say butter, they mean it! This stuff is so thick it is almost hard to get out of the jar! But it feels so good on those days when my skin feels especially tight!

5.) How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell
I saw a lot of previews for this movie during the Winter Olympics and had remembered thinking the book looked cute. When I tried to read it a few months ago, the library did not have it. I checked back recently and saw that it was in the catalog and labeled "Coming Soon." Apparently "Soon" finally came this week and I read it in two days. It was one of the cutest books I've read in a long time! I hope the movie is just as cute because reading the book made me really, really want to see the movie. Click here for the official movie site.


  1. am i the only one that doesnt have one of these tumblers? i feel like everyone is talking about them! ha!

  2. everyone is talking about them because they are so amazing! you definitely need to get your hands on one!