Friday, March 5, 2010

Lil Angels Attic Sale - Bedding!!

Every year there is a huge children's consignment sale at one of the church's here in BG called Lil Angels Attic. This year my mother-in-law and I signed up for a volunteer shift just so we could go to the preview sale on Thursday night. This allowed us to see everything without having to fight the maddening crowds. Yes, it's true that they drop the prices on Saturday, but then you chance something you really want being gone! I will probably still go back before my volunteer shift on Saturday just to see if there is anything else I can't live without. 

So anyway, here is what I came home with:

  • 15 articles of clothing - Some onesies, pj's, overalls, pants, etc. My favorites? A tiny Cubs onesie and some really cute puppy dog outfits. They're just boy all over! Maybe I will get motivated and post some pics.
  • Teeny Tiny New Balance sneakers : ) - I know sneakers for such tiny feet are probably a waste of money, but they were so cute and such a steal that I just could not resist!
  • Bookends - Not really a need, I know. But still. They were really cute and I just couldn't pass them up. Even if we don't use them until he is older. One is Pooh and one is Tigger. Each has a little book inside the bookend that slides out. I tried to post a picture, but couldn't get it to work. Go here for to check them out.
  • 2 Books for Mommy - What To Expect The First Year by Heidi Murkoff and The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp (a book that has been recommended to me by several moms)
  • OUR BEDDING!!! - It feels like such an accomplishment having our bedding picked out. We found a great set that we like and got one heck of a deal! Thanks so much to Grandmother, who purchased our bedding as a gift to Jacob! I have included two pictures below because even though it is the same bedding, it looks very different in the two different colored rooms. Our bedding set included quilt, crib sheet, dust ruffle, bumper, and valance.


  1. Do you read the Chronicles of a Babywise Mom blog? She has a review of the happiest baby on the block that is good. (

    And a friend of ours who lives in lousiville has that bedding and I love it! it does look different in different rooms- there room is bright yellow so the greens stand out more i think. cute stuff! how about some baby belly pics?? i love baby bellys!

  2. we went to lil angels attic tonight! got some good summer gear...including 4 sets of shoes since we have 2 walking kiddos now....
    yay for finding your bedding!!!! sounds like you scored some awesome deals!!! i am possibly considering going back in the morning for half-price stuff!

  3. Sabrina, I do subscribe to that blog and will definitely check out her review!

    Jenny, so hard to believe you have two walking kiddos! I was just looking at your airport pics the other day and thinking how they don't look like babies anymore!! So glad you got some good deals. I went in to work on Saturday, but by the time I got there it didn't really seem like there was a whole lot left. Most of the half price stuff was gone.

  4. oh yeah, and i do need some belly pics on here. i have some on facebook, but just a few. i have been taking one at the end of each month, but forgot for february! i'll have to get on that!

    my belly is way more than a baby bump now. it is a full fledge baby belly. and it literally seems to get a little bigger each and every day!