Friday, March 19, 2010

Fab Five Friday

My friend Jenny started posting her Fab Five each week because her friend, Emily, started it up on her blog. Then, our friend Sabrina joined in on the fun. So now yours truly cannot take it anymore - I'm jumping on the bandwagon!

The point is to highlight the five tangible things that made your week/life fabulous. Here are my Fab Five for this week:

1.) Kitchen Gloves - I know this is going to sound really prissy, but whenever  I wash too many dishes, my hands turn to crap. The skin will literally start to peel off my fingers. And yes, I have a dishwasher! I'm talking just washing one or two pans a day. That's all it takes. I even experimented with different brands of dish soap. While some helped, none took care of the problem. So my solution? Kitchen gloves! My hands love them! PS - Mine are not nearly this cute. Just plain white and a WalMart special made by Mr. Clean.
2.) Bookmarks - Why not? I do have a lot of cute ones. Check out the post I did earlier this week to celebrate Bookmark Day with the Bibliophilic Blog

3.) My EZ Grader - Such a time saver for me when I have 77 tests to grade!

4.) Flip Flops - I'm wearing my first pair of the year today!! Bring on 70 Degree Days!!

5.) Caffeine Free Mountain Dew - Because let's face it, I don't think I can have a Fab Five Post without something full of calories. I have to make myself pass up this aisle at the grocery so that I don't drink myself up to the size of a house. But lately my will power just hasn't been there. Oh well! At least it's caffeine free! 


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  1. those kitchen gloves are super cute... maybe if i had some that cute i would use them... and i am loving that its warm enough for flip flops!